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Pakistanis prove themselves in the international culinary contest

Faryal Nadeem Feb 07, 2017
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It is true that Pakistani people have proved their food have great taste. Pakistanis were at first place in the international culinary contest. They can cook the best and tasty food. Even thou Pakistanis are known as great eaters as well. The country’s national team has proved themselves in the culinary arts. They have secured the first position in the 15th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival, which was held in February 2017 from 2nd to 5th in Turkey. The event has many different groups of experienced chefs from more than 30 countries.

Pakistanis National Culinary team got 17 gold medals along with 19 silver and 7 bronze medals. They also won the trophy and got the first place.

After the development, the CEO of College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Ahmed Ashfaq congratulated the team and country. He mentioned that it is a moment of pride for the people and the Nationals. Ashfaq also thanked the team members and said that every team member has made Pakistan proud.

CEO added that chefs are very talented and hardworking. The country is progressing towards prosperity.

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