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Pakistani Driver saves the lives of many Students

Faryal Nadeem Feb 07, 2017
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It should be mandatory for all the drivers to get the emergency training. The Emirates Transport will provide the training. The Pakistani driver Shamazan Gul who miraculously escaped from burning school bus in Abu Dhabi last Wednesday. The 38-year-old driver jumps off from the vehicle immediately when the blaze has been caught by the bus within few minutes. He was returning to his place at 8 am after dropping the students at the British International School on February 1 when the bus started to turn into flames on Dubai highway.

The fire spread rapidly, and driver leaped out of the door to save himself. Driver concludes that he used a strong smell of petrol inside the bus but was looking for a safe area to check. The next thing he sensed was the fire coming from front side of bus. The glass and other bus accessories started to explode. Gul was the bus school driver from last four years.

However, Gul managed to pull the bus near the Mazyad Mall in Mohammad Bin Zayed City and tried to reach the fire extinguisher but failed to do so.

Meanwhile, Gul stopped another school bus and used a fire extinguisher to stop the fire. He concludes that his mandatory training from the emergency center has helped him to handle the situation, which he received from Emirates Transport training. He wanted to thanks the training members because he used all tips for controlling safety and fire.

This is not only the incident happened this year. Two school buses in November injured 47 people. Bus transport authority in Abu Dhabi introduces compulsory training for school conductors and bus drivers. The trained drivers know to deal with accident and emergencies as well as the techniques o passenger safety and safe evacuation.




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