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Bol News refused to Publish Hafiz Saeed’s interview by Hamza Ali Abbasi

Amna Ansar Feb 07, 2017
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Hamza Ali abbasi took the interview of Hafiz Saeed on 29 january 2017 at Lahore. The interview was recorded a day before the house arrest of Prof.Hafiz Saeed.

During the interview of Hafiz Saeed Hamza Ali Abbasi asked prof. Hafiz Saeed curiously “Why are you called a ‘terorist’? In an answer to the questionHafiz Saeed quoted “There is an intense propaganda against us by India. What they themselves want to do, they blame me for that. They have found a person in the form of Hafiz Saeed whom they want to portray as a terrorist. They are taking immense propaganda by allying with other nations. In this was they are trying to cover up themselves for their own terror against Sikhs and Kahmiris by starting propaganda against me”.

Further Hafiz Saeed negotiated that there are 101 movements in India, still no minority is been protected there. India has issues within their own country but through me they want to make way for them in hiding their wrong deeds. In this way they want to divert the attention of world from them for their terrorism and atrocities in Kashmir.

Hamza Ali Abbasi questioned ‘As many of our politicians have same belief regarding Kashmir as you have.Then why only you?”

Hafiz Saeed answered “Politicians generally do the favour to Kashmir just for their politics and to garner public support because every person even kids haves sympathies for Kashmir. And I do support the Kashmiri refugees that are in Pakistan in getting their education, monthly provisions and monetary aids.

Hafiz Saeed was asked whether he is supporting Hindus to force them to change their religion.

The interviewer rejected the statement by saying “Allah’s shariah has given freedom to everyone to choose his Faith. It would be a sin and a crime if I do that. Everyone has its own personal matter and choice.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi said that Hafiz Saeed is a hero, teacher and inspirational personality. He is considered as terrorist just for supporting Kashmir and for helping Hindus in getting their rights.

Well, Bol News refused to publish the video of interview because of Hafiz Saeed and his speech against India.

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