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Bloomberg termed Pakistan’s economy line as Pleasant surprise

Amna Ansar Feb 07, 2017
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American Business magazine in an article published that growth in economic rate in Pakistan is a pleasant surprise.
According to Bloomberg, Pakistan is developing good strategies to move forward.
It is also stated in the journal that during year 15-16 the performance given by stock exchange is admiring which produced 46% profit.
It was also mentioned in the article that economic progress of the country shows that it manifests that Pakistan is on the right path.
US magazine Forbes reported that the economy of the Pakistan is growing from many years and now Pakistan is in a condition that it can fulfill an International Monetary Fund for the first time in the history of Pakistan.
It is estimated that Pakistan’s Middle class by the year 2050 will exceed from 40 Million people to 100 Million people.
Further report stated that by population Pakistan is 6th largest country of the world while in 2050 it will reach at 4th position due to increase population growth rate.
In last decade Pakistan had faced many issues due to terrorism but at the same time the stock exchange of the country has taken back its market status.
Just because of Pakistan stock exchange Pakistan has been attributed with the status of ‘Emerging Market’ and it is becoming in the list of one of Asia’s best performer.
China, Italy and Middle East are the few names of the companies of Pakistan which are helping the country in progressing forward by investing actively.

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