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Billion Dollar setup by a Successful Pakistani

Faryal Nadeem Feb 07, 2017
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If you are a Pakistani national, then you must be aware of the ride-hailing app Careem. It is one of the great startups started in the Asian continent or mainly in Pakistan. In December, the investors were raised to the US $350 by the Abraaj Capital and Rakuten. The company Careem is a headquartered in Dubai, and the journey for Mudassir started five years ago.

Careem is operational in 50 cities and mainly in 11 countries. More than 180000 drivers are registered which are refer as captains and claims to serve more than 8 million customers.

The team of Mudassir have hustled the region and is a great competitor with Uber service. So if you want to know the story that how the entrepreneurs have taken their idea from zero to one? Their million dollar mindset is constructive and how it plans to build the successful companies?

Mudassir addressed these queries during a keynote presentation yesterday at momentum in Karachi, Pakistan. He established the four factors which beliefs to be crucial for the propelling Careem service.

Mudassir is a great inspiration for all the young students. He states that youth have to think big from day one. You can also open a retail store and turn it into a large billion dollar business. But the main thing is to find the problem and proposing an appropriate solution to avail the opportunity.

The idea behind Careen was not so easy to copy because it is similar to the startups in West. The co-founder Magnus Olsson and the founder Mudassir, work with the management consultants McKinsey.

They founder and co-founder have to face many hurdles. A well-known solution must be proposed to all the associated problems because they wanted to run the app for the long term.

Read the struggle Careem faced Recently.

According to Mudassir; the team of Careem wants to seize the opportunity because the service was unexplored and potential was felt. The billion dollar CEO has to treat his business as a baby. It nurtures it in the same way as a loving parent and concludes that Parents teach their kids not to lie. They make sure that the kids follow and carry these values with them forever. But if parents do not do that, then they won’t be able to develop a close relationship with them. They will grow with different values.

Organizations and business startups are similar. We have to put particular aspirations and values; the companies are developed from hundreds of years. It is best to keep in mind that from day one, you have something to last.



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