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Real Estate sector will get support from CPEC

Faryal Nadeem Feb 06, 2017
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The property of Pakistan has attracted billions from the last three years. The extraordinary returns will inevitably bring a difference in demand and supply of the real estate sector. The security situation and the macroeconomic indicators play a key role to increase the property amount.


The property got growth since 2013, and there were more than 100 cases of real estate dealers in the cities like Karachi and Islamabad. The market will get a boom and will head towards the north.

Pakistan Growth rate

Pakistani market is considered virgin, and there are various business opportunities. However, every sector of business is growing in Pakistan stated by the Senior Vice Chairman Muhammad Hassan Bakshi. Pakistan Economy is gaining strength day by day. The association of at least 700 builders and developers were returning to the country and getting high returns in the local market.

Pakistani investors are getting out of the Dubai property market and trying to bring out the money back with the improvement in security. The recent US policies are harsh. Trump encourages the recent Pakistani investors too, shift the money to local markets. It proves to be a great blessing and government must encourage the investments.

Google employees protest against Trump decision

Pakistani businesses are mainly based on Banking. CPEC project is of around $57 billion, which makes earning of at least $270 billion. Analysts conclude that Chinese market trust in the Pakistani economy because it is attracting many overseas and foreign investors.

Most of the Chinese companies are taking an interest in the industrial properties. The analysts think that Chinese nationals will soon buy the real estate and the market will shoot.

However, only Chinese companies can buy property in Pakistan. The Nationals cannot buy the property. According to the Dubai Land Department, data shows Pakistani Investment in Dubai real estate market, which dropped at least $1 billion as compared to the year 2015.


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