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Pakistani Taxi driver awarded for returning 180,000 Dirham in Dubai

Amna ansar Feb 06, 2017
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We are surrounded by the environment which is more like money-centric. One can hardly find the example where religion and morals are kept above the desire of money.

However, recently a 36 year old Pakistani driver, Khalid khan in Dubai returned 180,000 dirham to one of his passengers who forgot it in his cab.

Khalid khan is working for 16 years in Dubai to support his three children, siblings, parents and wife.

Despite of ups and downs he never gave up on his honesty.

Khalid khan expressed that, he can’t even imagine keeping the money of any other person with himself and from that money feed his family. Further he told that honesty is above everything for him.

While explaining the incident Khalid told that he picked up a passenger from Deira on January 21 and dropped at gold souk.

He said that after half an hour of dropping the passenger to its destination he saw a bag in his cab. Khalid told that he opened up the shopping bag and saw a passport and 180,000 Dirhams.

Khalid said that without any delay he consults with company’s customer care and they directed him towards nearby police station. Khalid went to nearby police station and they further contacted RTA for help and within approximately police were able to find the owner of money.

Khalid said that the eyes of the man were filled with tears and he hasn’t imagined if I could return him his money. Due to his honesty he was honored by Pakistan Association Dubai.

Dr. Faisal Ikram secretary General of Pakistan Association Dubai while speaking to Khaleej times said that Khalid was honored for his honesty and the such people are awarded on regular basis for encouraging them and do give a good impression of society on world.

Khalid was awarded with cash prize and a certificate.

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via Khaleej Times

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