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Pakistani Girl got a reply letter from President Obama

Faryal Nadeem Feb 06, 2017
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The recent political hype contains all the racism issues and hate which is brought into light by the Trump and his actions. You simply cannot deny the fact that President Barack Obama is everyone’s favorite president. He was the first black person who gains so much importance in White House. Barack Obama earns an absolute respect in the heart of people around the world. The Pakistani Student who was a big fan of Obama learned about the commitment of the President role when she received the response from President.

The young girl was Khadija Sohail Shafi who is 16-year-old Pakistani student and belongs to a military background. She is a member of Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program. YES is a US based program which provides scholarships to all the high school students from varies countries including Pakistan. The students have to spend their one academic year in the US and allow them to love their families with other American fellows. The students can engage I variety of activities and learn the society values, leadership skills and educate in the lively culture.

Khadija is a young and a motivated girl who is a part of YES program batch number 2016-2017. She is enrolled in the high school US Michigan. She is keen to study the World History, Journalism, Genetics, Microbiology, Art, America Literature, Mythology, and Photography.

By the end of 2016, Khadija wrote a letter to the US president and. She said that she wrote to the President just like other person and felt very honored after receiving is the reply. Whenever I got a chance to meet him, I would appreciate his efforts.

A letter of Khadija

Barack Obama Reply

Barack Obama is one of the active and the vocal proponent of women rights. Under his leadership, US was able to bring girls and women from the margins of society.


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