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Tokyo 2020 Olympics medals to be made from Old phones

Amna Ansar Feb 05, 2017
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If you still have the Motorola flip phone at your closet, why don’t you contribute it for the trophy cases of champions at 2020 Olympics? The Olympic organizing committee hopes that medals awarded to athletes will be made of the recycled old phones.

According to the officials of Olympics this is the first time when medals will be manufactured by the recycled old phones.

According to Japan Times, Public has been asked for donating their old phones, by the organizers. These old gadgets will be used for making gold, Silver and bronze medals. Organizers told that they need eight tons of metal for manufacturing 5,000 medals.

In previous games held under Olympics, recycled materials have been used but this is the first time that the metals will be forged by the material inside the gadgets. Further the organizers said that gold medals awarded to winners at Olympic Games are made by 100 percent recycled material.

For fulfilling this idea the organizers are partnering NTT Docmo and Japan Environmental Sanitation center. For this purpose collection boxes have been placed at different centers of NTT and citizens can heap their old phones at these collection boxes.

At the very least it’s pretty awesome to see the use of massive products.

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