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A new addition to Home: Alexa

Faryal Nadeem Feb 05, 2017
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Alexa is an Amazon device which is given attention last month in Las Vegas at CES tech show. There are a variety of companies which tested the product and titled it great. The voice assistant can quickly adjust in cars, on set-top boxes and washing machines.

Customers and people often ask that does Alexa help Amazon to make money?

The answer is Yes it will. It can bring a lot of difference in the revenue of Amazon. Amazon fourth quarter earnings report is available on the internet, which shows that the company mentioned Alexa device as the top selling product on this holiday. Amazon is getting significant profit from Echo smart speaker and Alexa. The virtual butler lets the company grow massively. The co-founder of market researcher Michael R. Levin said that Echo produced $800 million dollars in sales that are a tiny sum for Amazon Company.

The voice-powered devices have gained popularity immediately after its release in 20114. Google will soon introduce their product as a competitor to Echo, which is called as Home. Apple rumors are also heard that Siri assistant will be an upcoming smart speaker. However, Amazon got successful to lead the voice because the company is integrating Alexa into a variety of products.

Analysts believe that Alexa will become and generate profit by becoming the voice-powered OS for cars, homes, and variety of different appliances. Amazon will be able to earn a huge advantage effortless and in a practical way.

CEO of the e-commerce said that it is a great device to find out the weather, it plays music and is efficient to perform a variety of other tasks. Soon we will be ordering things via this device.

Alexa will surely be improving day by day and lets Amazon sell devices more efficiently.

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