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Google reportedly killing off the Now launcher in the coming weeks

Amna Ansar Feb 05, 2017
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Since the Google Now was launched with no clear alternative therefore Google seems to be getting ready to kill off the Google Now Launcher. Google will discontinue the Google Now app by the start of March, Published by Android Police on Friday.

The Google will allow the phone-makers to have the features of the app into their own launchers by the help of “Search Launcher Services”. Google Now was best known for changing the design of the phone’s operating system and hence changes the entire shape and design of the phone.

Phone companies like HTC and Samsung though are very famous but make the design of the phone’s operating system very baffle and full of interventions. Google Now was best for modifying the phone according to the choice of user.

It eases its users by helping them to approach updates from Google maps, Weather forecast and many more. It currently has over 50 million downloads on the play store.

The reason for killing the launcher is that company has built a new one the Google Pixel. But it is not available at third party phones.

However, if you have already installed the Google Now App it will continue to provide updates via Google Search App.

Thankfully there are plenty of alternatives available in the play store like Nova and Action Launcher. Google must now make the Google Pixel capable enough to impress the android users. However the news of discontinuing the Launcher yet has not been announced publicly.

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