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WhatsApp is testing real time location at its Platform

Amna Ansar Feb 04, 2017
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A new feature marked in popular message sharing app is tracking location. The feature could be used among the contacts of the user. The beta version of the app was spotted this week via Fortune.

The feature is named as “Live location tracking” in the beta software. One can easily found this feature in android (ver. 1.16.399) and IOS (ver. The feature is introduced to track online location of the user. And only those users could be able to track your location whom you have allowed. Moreover, the app is also allowing the user to control the amount of the time of turned on location sharing.

The feature would be helpful to you while meeting a friend or while you are at a crowded location. It is also helpful when you have arranged a party and your friend is getting trouble to reach you at the venue.

This feature is already available at iMessage but options are slightly different for iMessage.

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The feature shows that WhatsApp is progressing positively. Much fake news was roaming on media about the app that it has backdoor in its software. But the decision which made about security keys is defenseless. Further the concerned authorities of WhatsApp said that if government will force it for creation of backdoor they will definitely fight against the decision.

But once such untrue news gets out the user feel insecure and doubt the privacy of WhatsApp.

Once in past the facebook also introduced such feature of sharing exact location with friends of your choice temporarily or permanently. But now the user of facebook can only share location of approximate distance with friends. The earlier feature was shut off because due to this feature social network feel more like frightening. Since the same feature in WhatsApp is looking creepy but WhatsApp has better sense of privacy.

WhatsApp is also working on to delete or edit messages feature which are still unread by recipients. In addition, it is also looking for the feature to reply the user status.

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