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Travel Ban nationwide temporarily blocked by US judge

Faryal Nadeem Feb 04, 2017
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On Friday, US judge holds the ban imposed by the President Donald Trumps. The immigrants and travelers from seven dominant Muslim countries had challenged the executive order, which raised legal battles around the country.

Mr. James Robart; the Judge of US District in Seattle rules the Minnesota and Washington state questioned the Trump order and Government lawyers disputed on this matter. The case had affected more than 60,000 people, and their visas were canceled.

The state is going through a significant burden and is suffering from an irreparable injury reported by Robart. The temporary restraining order is granted on a nationwide basis.
The situation is unclear that what happens for next people who are waiting for their visas from years to visit America. However, the internal email is circulated among the Homeland officials telling the employees to apply the rule immediately. Spokesman of the White House Sean Spicer states on late Friday that “will file an emergency stay of the outrageous order. The executive order of President needs to be defended because the law is appropriate.”
Later on, White House sent a statement by removing word “outrageous.” The statement says “the president order intends to protect the homeland. The responsibility and the constitutional authority help to protect American people.”

Last week order of Trump sparked the protests all over the world. The confusion at airports among the faculty and travelers started. White House argue on the matter and state that the decision will make the country safe. Washington is the first state that has sued the order and wants to remove the temporarily bans for people traveling from Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya. Iraq, Iran, and Sudan. The US refugee program is also suspended.

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General Bob Ferguson, State Attorney, says that the travel ban will harm the residents significantly and also mandates discrimination. Minnesota also joined the lawsuit after two days. Ferguson said that people from affected countries could now easily apply for the US.
Judge Robarts decision will be applied effectively and puts halt to the unlawful and unconstitutional executive order. Law is very powerful and owns ability to hold accountable to which it includes the President of US.

Even the Washington based business including Expedia,Amazon,and Microsoft doesnot support the idea of banning the Muslims. They said its hurting their business as well.

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