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Dusty winds in Karachi results in increased Breathing problems

Amna Ansar Feb 04, 2017
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Strong dusty wind blew across the Karachi and according to Met department forecast it will continue blowing till Tuesday. So the people at Karachi must take precautionary measures to get safe from the negative effects of the dusty wind.

Medical experts have advised the residents especially those who are suffering from extreme conditions, allergies, respiratory problems to stay at home due to dusty wind as there will be high risk of getting infections.

According to medical experts dusty wind contains small particles in the air which through mouth get into lungs and harm the sensitive tissues which results in chronic type of asthma, cough, flue, nausea and eye infections.

Director of health Karachi Dr. Nadeem sheikh said people with low immunity especially children and adults must avoid going outdoor so to prevent themselves from consequences of dusty wind.

In addition he said that people should avoid going in crowded places because such diseases spread rapidly from closeness.

The residents of Karachi must take plenty of water and healthy food by avoiding unhealthy eatables.

Dusty wind creates more issue for people already suffering from respiratory problems.

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