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Apple set to start making iPhones in India: Indian state government

Amna Ansar Feb 04, 2017
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Apple is going to start making iPhones in India by the end of April, said by Indian government.

Regional minister said that Apple will start its initial operations in the capital of Southern Indian state Karnataka, Bangalore. The minister said that Apple executives met him in January and showed their interest in making iPhones at India.

In the project, 2% share would be of Indian mobile market.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the plan yet. They just showed their interest towards making iPhones in India.

It is quoted by the minister of information and technology in Karnataka “we have good terms with Apple and we are expecting that Apple will start working in India by the end of April”. He added that we will help Apple, if Apple will want to turn other manufacturers in the market.

The Indian phones of Apple will be assembled by the Taiwanese’s contract manufacturer through a plant.

It is estimated that about 750 million smart phones will be sold by year 2020.

Though the percentage of sale of Apple phones is very low but still Apple invests for half of the market of premium phones. Number of its sales is increasing with passing days.

A large number of meetings have been held between Apple and government officials of India.

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