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Alarming hygiene conditions of animals in Karachi zoo

Amna Ansar Feb 04, 2017
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Animals at Karachi zoo are unfortunate to consider Karachi zoo as their home. The zoo was established in 1878 and was called as Mahatma Ghandi Garden, later it was renamed as Karachi zoo.

The status of the zoo is getting worst in front of the visitors because of its extreme conditions.

Though it has 35 zoo keepers but only 17 of them are hired to look after 850 animals and birds. There are only 107 cages for keeping animals in them. As only three workers are employed for cleaning the zoo which is extended over 33 acres, so the hygienic condition of the zoo is very panic.

Due to the carelessness of the administration many animals die of diseases In Karachi zoo. The Bengal tiger was reported to be dead in 2016 due to sudden kidney failure. Three newly born puma cubs have also been died in past due to the negligence of the administration.

Authorities were not showing interest towards the renovation of the zoo till the near past.

Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali shah while his recent visit to zoo have promised to improve the condition of the zoo and asked the administration to hire the new and trained workers.

He added that a particular amount of money has been already assigned in the budget for zoo.

Now it’s time to see whether the government of sindh will fulfill its promise or not, till than animals have to live in the horrific torture house.

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