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Something new for Krachities at KLF this year

Amna Ansar Feb 03, 2017
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There is always something for karachities to enjoy at their home town. Recently in mid of January food festival had held in Karachi. Now again after a half of month karachities are again going to be amazed with Karachi Literature Festival (KLF). KLF is organized to be held on Friday, February 10, 2017. The venue for the festival is Beach Luxury Hotel and the festival will continue till the end of weekend.

The KLF was established by Ameena Saiyid and Dr. Asif Farrukhi in 2010 in association with Oxford University Press and British council.

The co-founder of the event Dr.Asif Farrukhi told to a news channel about what they are planning for KLF this year. Dr.Asif Farrukhi is the doctor by profession and author as well. Currently he is serving as a professor in Habib University’s School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. Dr.Asif Farrukhi is famous for writing short stories, essays and fictional essays.

Asif Farrukhi quoted “This year KLF is different from past years and our main objective is to promote diversity of themes”. Dr. Asif also said that poetry, prose, social studies, science, and language are even though attentive. But repetition of these subjects makes them boring. Therefore this time we came up with something new.

He added that theme of the event is set as “Pakistan70” and purpose behind this theme is that 2017 blemish 70 years to the freedom of Pakistan.

Due to this, the progress of literature, film, theatre and education will be focused this time on event. Dr. Farrukhi added that “what happened in 1971? How Pakistani’s see the partition? What was the scheme for partition?” all such things will be discussed in festival. Dr. Farrukhi said that as such events don’t have much impact on society or political strategy but still such activities helps in understanding and improving public mindset. Dr. Farrukhi emphasized that our biggest aim should be to give books to public instead of guns.

He added that it’s also the aim of KLF to motivate people toward reading books.

In 2010 event was attended by 4,000-5,000 people.Last year the event was visited by 70,000 people. Last year the event has been continued for three days.Many people have been engaged towards poetry and books due to such events.

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