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Karachi-Hyderabad motorway about to launch

Faryal Nadeem Feb 03, 2017
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Karachi- Hyderabad M9 motorway is about to launch announced by the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. He arrived in Karachi this Friday and inaugurated the complete section of motorway project. PM Nawaz Shareef welcomes the Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair and Syed Murad Ali Shah for the inauguration.

The Federal Government announces to complete at least 50 percent of the project by the end of this year, which is 75 kilometers long. The section will meet four interchanges Industrial Valley , Dada Bhoy, Thano Bola Khan and Nooriabad interchange. These interchange will further get access to the areas Jhampeer, Keer Thar National Park, Thano Ahmed Khan and Kinjhar Jheel. The entire length of the project is 139 kilometers, and the motorway will be six lanes, which will complete till March 2018.

The entire project was commenced on September 2015 and costs Rs 36 Billion. The construction process includes interchanges, more than five bridges, plantation and the service road. The Government spends more than Rs 1200 billion on the infrastructure.

The under construction project includes Lahore-Abdul Hakeen, Gojra Shorkot, Sukkar Multan Motorway and Shorkot Khaniwal. The total completion of projects will reach to a length of 2000 KM.

PM Nawaz Shareef states that Government is taking steps and measures to start the revolutionary projects, which includes CPEC and the long network of motorways along with Khunjrab to Gwadar road.

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