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Sindh Rangers Killed Baba Ladla Gangster in Lyari

Faryal Nadeem Feb 02, 2017
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Infamous gangster of Lyari Baba Ladla killed in the early morning on Thursday. Sindh Rangers killed him with two accomplices in a shoot-out.

The Rangers told that operation was intelligence based. The forces of paramilitary reached Lyari Phoolpatti lane. The suspects were hidden somewhere inside the house which started the firing at the personnel from roof. The fire exchanges for at least 35 minutes.

At least three suspects were killed on the spot, and other three managed to flee. Other sources informed that accomplices killed with a prime suspect who were Ladla Uncle, Yaseen Baloch and Sikander alias, Sikko. One LEA personnel was badly injured during the operation. During the process, 15 mobile Rangers were used.

All deceased gangster were immediately shifted to Civil hospital for medical formalities such as post-mortem and later on their bodies were shifted to Edhi morgue. Heavy contingents of Rangers were deployed in the hospital.

Ladla was a wanted gangster. He attempted 100 murders and extortion cases. His name was at top in Red book with at least Rs 1000000 bounty. Ladla was involved in different heinous and terrorist crimes.  Automatic weapons including Mauser 9mm, and Kalashnikov 9mm and hand grenades were recovered from terrorists.

Rangers stated that the killing of Baba Ladla would surely make history for the youngsters. He proved to be a great inspiration for people who are engaged in crimes and murders. In 2012, Baba Ladla was placed a head money of Rs 3 million.

Crimes by Baba Ladla

  • Baba Ladla was charged for the attempt of 100 murder cases.
  • He attacked a police party in April 2012 and killed a constable and a head
  • Killing of Lyari war leaders including Yasir Arafat, Arshad Pappu, and Shera Pathan. He also burnt their bodies with the leader Uzair Baloch.
  • Dalmia resident and his five sons were also killed by Baba.
  • He kidnapped three people in March 2013 and killed one of them


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