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Round about 25 stents of low quality has been grasped in Peshawar from government and private hospital

Amna Ansar Feb 02, 2017
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During assault the drug control teams in Peshawar have seized 25 stents of poor-quality from different hospitals of private and of government sector.

According to the inspectors of drug control team the stents didn’t have manufacturing date and price mentioned on them. Along with manufacturing date registration number wasn’t mentioned too.

During raid the stents of unauthorized company have also been found from private hospitals.

According to the drug inspector Imran Ali “if the stent don’t have number mentioned over them they become mislabeled and hence illegal for sale”

Under the drug act the department of health has taken actions against the administration of hospitals.

In addition, the department of health also warned the hospitals for avoiding such actions in future.While the investigation has been started in act against both of hospitals.

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