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Nobel Prize in Mathematics won by First Woman

Faryal Nadeem Feb 02, 2017
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Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman who won Nobel Prize in 78 years. On Wednesday, she was awarded prestigious Fields Medal, which is known as the highest honor in the field of mathematics. She was selected for making tremendous advances in theory of Riemann and the moduli spaces.

The Fields Medal is given after every four years by the International Mathematical Union because of the outstanding mathematicians while under 40 years which promise to devote their future for achievement. After the announcement of Mirzakhani, other awardees were Manjul Bhargava, Arthur Avila, and Martin Hairer. There were at least 54 males and only 1 female medalists.

The achievement in the field of Mathematics is a sign that Change will inevitably come. She is happy and wants to encourage the young female mathematicians and scientists. The Vice President of International Mathematics Union Christiane Rousseau told that it is an extraordinary moment to celebrate the women.

The Math professor of Canada Izabella Laba said that Mirzakhani convinced me that women are capable of doing mathematical research at the equal level of men. In the dominating male society, women must be nurtured or encouraged to bring out their talent. Women own more capability and must need to recognize excellence.

The accomplishment of Mirzakhani is groundbreaking in the light of well-documented disadvantages and biases, which women face in the field of science and math. According to the National Academy of Sciences, there is no significant biological difference, which will explain women representation in faculty and leadership positions.

However, in the fieldwork, only men get the credit for inventions and discoveries made by women. At least 16 percent of women are participating in US universities especially in math-intensive fields. Mirzakhani was raised in Iran before her Ph.D. at Harvard. She became a professor at Stanford when she realized the strength in maths. According to Mirzakhani, not every person can become a mathematician, but she does believe that almost every student must make an effort to learn it. Mirzakhani told that she also performed mediocre in math’s for a couple of years and did not take an interest in it. Mathematics is an exciting subject instead of being pointless and cold.

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