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Nawaz Sharif biography sold as bestseller book

Faryal Nadeem Feb 02, 2017
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The Prime Minister Biography book is titled as Dastan-e-Hayat. The Punjab Libraries wing and Archives approve the book. It is also available in all public educational libraries and institutes. The government took the act of the published book as one of the dictatorial initiatives. It is known as the favor to the Punjab Bureaucracy to rule as a party.

No such instance has ever been reported in the democratic country, but Pakistan has seen such attempts made by the dictators General Ayub Khan. The book of General Ayub Khan was titled as Friends, not Masters.

After the election of 2008, the traces of General Pervaiz Musharraf and CM Punjab Pervaiz Elahi were entirely removed from textbooks.

Letter issuance

The Punjab Archives and the Libraries wing says that the Tariq Ahmed Khan authors the approval of book. The legal notice is issued by all educational institutes and public libraries. The general and directors of the Punjab public Libraries instruct the schools and colleges to convey the Governments approval for lower administration.

Secretary Ahmed Raza of Archives and Libraries Wing says that the book is examined and o content was found to be objectionable or sectarian. The book is recommended for all libraries in Punjab.

According to Committee Nawaz Shareef is Prime Minister for the third time and the students must know his personal life details. The notification must be justified because the books are still not bought by libraries.

In this regard, Imran Khan added that Shameful how Government is forcing Nawaz Shareef book down school kids throats. His book should be titled as “How to plunder billions from the country leaving no money trail.”

Amir Riaz who is the Curriculum expert said that book aims to appease rulers, which is not written for children to comprehend or read. Such efforts confuse the students.

While many other questions have been raised by people. In this regard, Punjab Teachers Union said that such books are not meant to read but are making money in the market.

The Twitter tag of the book is #SarkariBestSeller.

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