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Chinese contractors annoyed by hurdles around OLMT

Amna Ansar Feb 02, 2017
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In Lahore Chinese entrepreneur of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project got offended of the hurdles surrounding the project. The contractor condemned the Punjab Government for failing to get a permission letter from a court to start construction.

During the meeting regarding the progress of OLMT the contractors of the project from China expressed their concerns regarding the delay of the project which lasted more than a year.

The contractors asked the concerned authorities to limit the time period required for OLMT project and help to get the OLMT project cleared from the court. In addition, they also expressed that on the underground central station no construction activity could be started.

The engineers stressed that if more time will be taken in clearance of legislation, it will result in further delay of project. They added that pre-casting Yard for OLMT package II had not been confirmed yet. They also inquired the new contractors regarding this issue.

Hassan administered the Nespak and LDA for re designing all models of all roads along the project. Furthermore, he also ordered the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency to construct the comprehensive plan for roads underneath the project. He added that for smooth flow of traffic U-turns and crossings should be designed.

Furthermore he administered that for walkers the connection of all metro station must be through foot paths.

The concerned authorities also administered that parking places should be built along the route of train.

The participants of the meeting were briefed Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has permitted the water and sanitation agency for 13- kilometer new drain from Haji Camp to Jain Mandir, Chaburji, Sham Nagar and Band Road. The contractors had designed a special procedure to avoid lengthy process for construction of the project.

It had been imparted in the meeting that 60% civil works had been completed, including 75% on Package-I from Dera Gujjran to Chauburji, 45% on Package-II, 63% on Package-III (depot) and 59% on Package-IV. The contactors also added that Chinese engineers must start mechanical and electrical work on the completed section of the project.

It was also announced in the meeting that federal government had abandon duty and taxes regarding equipments and machinery required.

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