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Fuel Price rises again in 2-weeks

Faryal Nadeem Feb 01, 2017
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Petroleum products are getting expensive due to rise in petroleum prices in international markets. The Federal Government declares and decides to increase the high-speed diesel and petrol. Petrol will be increased to a rate to Rs. 2.25 per liter while diesel rates will increase to a rate of Rs. 2.26 per liter. However, prices of light speed diesel and kerosene will remain constant for some time.

During a Press conference, Ishaq Dr; the Finance Minister said that the rise in price is only half of recommended by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. They support increasing the petrol rate 4.16 per liter, diesel rates 4.29, kerosene Rs. 16.70 and light diesel oil for Rs 12.53.

So according to the Finance Minister the light diesel oil and kerosene prices will remain same for a long time. The reason of unchanged kerosene oil price is that it caters the needs of poor during the winter season. The primary consideration was the low income of the people. Half of the country population is earning the low income.

Complete prices of fuel
Petrol prices will be Rs. 70.29 after the increase of Rs.2.25 per liter.

The Recent rate is Rs. 68.04.

Whereas the high-speed diesel will be available in price 77.48 per liter at Rs 75.22 after an increase of Rs. 2.26 per liter.

Kerosene price is Rs 43.25 and light oil diesel of price Rs. 43.35 per liter.

The rise in petroleum products prices will take place from 1 February until 15 February.

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