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Edit your WhatsApp messages Now with new fantastic feature

Faryal Nadeem Feb 01, 2017
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It is the worse situation when you wake up in the morning, scroll through your messages, and end up finding the embarrassing messages. Luckily WhatsApp has provided a great feature. Recently the feature is in testing mode. The application will allow you to edit or even delete the set messages before the receiver has read.

Yes, you can easily know that which messages are seen. Before the double tick which appears in blue color, you can edit the message. The feature works easily by pressing and holding message. While pressing and holding on message, the user can either EDIT or REVOKE it.

Many of the applications allow the users to delete the text but the world’s famous app will soon provide the feature. The beta version is in testing mode and will let you edit the message even sent in a group. This will save you from any embarrassment.

People who are new to smartphones or unable to use automatic dictionary face this situation more often. The feature works only on the gray tick mark or if 2 gray marks present on it. However, the new feature does not operate if the user has read the messages of the 2 blue tick marks appear.

If the user revokes the message, then Message display will be seen as SENDER REVOKED THE MESSAGE.

That is not all WhatsApp will be offering. But people can add Whatsapp status similar to SnapChat stories. You can either add a doodle or a picture which stays for just 24 hours. However, now you will be notified when one of your friends will update or change their status. Whatsapp will allow you to reply to the status as well.

The amazing third feature WhatsApp is introducing the tracking feature. It allows you to track the location of the users. The feature is known as “live location tracking” which lets you track your friend for 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. The feature is helpful in planning meetups between family and friends.

Tracking feature can easily be disabled if you do not want other people to track you.

So try out the amazing WhatsApp features when they are launched. The wait is worthy.

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