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Saudi prince buys 80 tickets just to transport his beloved hawks

Amna Ansar Jan 31, 2017
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Who needs wings when you can travel through the jet?

Some passengers while traveling on plane keep worrying for sitting near to the crying babies during flight. But they never thought for transporting along with falcons. Here is the photo of the hawks travelling through the Qatar Airways.

The photo shows 80 hawks of prey sitting in the plane and ticket is brought by their owner. The picture depicts greatly about the richness of Saudi prince.This unusual picture shows the hawks are tied tightly on the seats. While on parallel side is covered by the Saudi prince and other passengers.

One of the reddit user named as Lensoo posted this picture on social media by quoting that one of his captain friend sent him this photo. Saudi prince bought 80 tickets for his hawks.The crew of the plane is watching hawks instruct ably.The unusual guests seem more like falcons than the hawks. The hawks were thought to be transfer through flight of Qatar airways.

In economy class, the Qatar airways allows only six falcons but Etihad also allows the transportation of the birds. While Etihad airways allows the carriage of birds in the cabin on flight in Dubai and some areas of Pakistan as well.

Falcon is the national bird of the United Arab Emirates and train them for hunting is the famous hobby of the residents of UAE. Transportation of the falcons in the Middle East is one of the common practices. Some people suggested that falcons must acquire a specific passport. And the passport of the hawks gets stamped just like other passengers of the jet. During year 2002 to 2013 the government of the United Arab Emirates issued more than 28,000 passports for falcons.

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