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Google employees protest against Trump`s immigration ban

Faryal Nadeem Jan 31, 2017
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More than 2000 employees protested in the form of a rally against the order of President Donald Trump. He has banned immigration from major countries including Pakistan. Google employees from all over the country including Seattle, New York, San Francisco and in Mountain View will rally against immigration order.

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai and Sergey Brin, the co-founder were also spotted at the protests. Pichai addressed the Google crowd at Mountain View that “He has seen many leads from Google today. More than two hours have been spent this morning on protest. There is a lot of work, which needs to be done. It is important to stay on the course and achieve outcome. We need to reach out and have to communicate with people well from all over the world. We have to take an extra step and need to reach out for the best possible outcome. It is great to hear stories, and hopefully, we will fight the wrong.  ”

Brin added to his speech and told everyone that when he was six, he first came to the US from the Soviet Union with his family. He said “Soviet Union was the greatest enemy the US has ever had at that time.” he also added that it was a time of the cold war and the Soviet Union face the threat of nuclear annihilation. The US own courage to take my family along with me as refugees. However, Brin concluded that it is important to end the debate by being liberal instead of being a Republican.

The debate over fundamental values, policy making, was very thoughtful. Many other related things must be adored universally. Brin said that “he know that many values are universally important and during these particular times it is important to proceed with friendship with different races.”

Headquarters at the Google Mountain View featured the Google employees and talked about their experience, which results in a ban. Soufi Esmaeilazaeh who is the keynote speaker shares her story. She told about herself being on a plane from SFO to Zurich where rumors circulate about the executive order. Esmaeilzadeh is a Canadian citizen who is born in Iran and have lived in the US for more than 15 years.

Brin mention that there are many powerful stories to get an inspiration. He hopes that this energy will take our company beyond expectations and the powerful force and powerful movement depicts the working of Google.

Googlers show their solidarity on Monday 30th January 2:30pm.

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