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World Unity affected by Trump Visa Policy

Faryal Nadeem Jan 30, 2017
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On Monday in Islamabad Pakistan states that United States policies presented by Donald Trump will surely affect the world unity. “The situation will restrict the terrorism. The new administration proves will prove to be very helpful.”

On Friday, President Donald Trump has put on hold for four months on allowing refugees in the United States. Travelers from Syria and many other Muslim-majority countries are also barred temporarily. Trump say that this practice will protect America from additional terrorist attacks.

The Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar spoke to the newsmen that

“New US visa policy does not affect terrorists. The policy will inevitably increase the enemies and pave the way for terrorism. It will surely harm universal harmony and unity among world community against terrorism. “

There are more than 1.5 Muslims in the world, and many of them do not follow the message of Islam, which is PEACE. He added that pointing fingers on Muslims would provide an opportunity to terrorists.

On Last Sunday, an official of White House concluded that countries more like Pakistan such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia must be added to the ban list. Chief of White House Reince Priebus said that many other countries similar to Pakistan must also be pointed in the problem.

Now at least 4 passport offices will built in different cities. In Pakistan, almost very district will have its passport office. The rule needs to be implemented by the end of March. Minister concludes that during the time of 15 months at least 74 new passport offices have been made. These offices have resolved a significant number of issues of people. Many measures are taken to maintain these offices.

Meanwhile, Nisar thanked Allah for the safety of all Muslims in abroad. He said that not a single person is disappeared or any other issue is reported in the time span of three years.



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