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This man lost 55kg weight in just 10 months- His app will help you too to do alike

Rabia Iqbal Jan 27, 2017
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Umer Majeed who weighted over 300 pound, was the victim of number of health issues.
He suffered from several diseases just because of having too much weight.
Determination leads you to the destination
Umer Majeed proved that there is nothing impossible for those who work with determination.
Umer Majeed compromised on his diet and dropped 55kg weight in merely 10 months. This inspired Umer Majeed to develop Nuright.
Nutright is a first program to teach weight losing tips exclusive a modified health and fitness key app from Pakistan.
It is actually a mobile app which provides modified health tips and fitness solution at your home.
According to Umer Majeed, Nutright saves your time as it keep you training at home without the need of going to gym, doctors, and nutritionist.
He added that Pakistan is the world’s ninth most overweight country and he also has battled with heaviness. He further said that he commenced his journey of overcoming fatness in 2014, and after losing 55kg he thought of the development of a tech-based remedy for Pakistanis to help them overcome fatness. This app help you keep record of your weight loss, diet schedule and water consumption.
Nutright can be downloaded from Google Play Store but it is available only for the Android phone’s users now but according to Umer Majeed it will soon be available for Apple iOS as it is in progress.
NutRight is between those 20 startups that have been nominated for the final round at Startup Lahore.
According to Geo News, On Friday these final 20 startups will tone their commercial plans before the judge’s panel.
It is also mentioned that the winner will receive a Rs1, 000,000 cash prize along with a chance to be fast-tracked at PlanX while Runners-up will be awarded Rs500,000 cash prize and the third place startup will collect Rs200,000.

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