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Open Source Day for Women- Code for Pakistan in collaboration with Habib University

Rabia Iqbal Jan 24, 2017
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Habib University and Code for Pakistan will collectively host Open Source Day for women on 28, January 2017.

The Open Source Day denotes the software that will be available for the public to share and can alter if needed. The public will also be provided with the source code of the software.

The Open Source Day also aims to two-way involvement, limpidity, swift evolution and unrestricted development of the community.

Open Source Day is a chance for those women who possess contextual in Computer Science. They can take a start with these open source projects and refine their technology talents.

This Open Source Day will be held at Habib University, Karachi. The developers and professionals from the industries, entrepreneurs and CTOs will also be attending the program and will guide the participants and audience.

The Code for Pakistan is trying it best to improve the quality of life athwart Pakistan. Through the open source mobiles and web applications Code for Pakistan is trying to enhance the delivery of its services.

Huma Hamid, who motivated to arrange the Open Source Day for women. She is an unpaid assistant of Code for Pakistan and a Software Engineer by profession. She strongly supports the computer-interested women.

She told that she also attended an Open source day that provided her opportunity to contribute to open source software. She added that this was the step when she finally took charge of her career. She said that she worked with her team on public-spirited projects and got a chance to grid and work with counsellors from a variety of commercial and nonprofit organizations.

She further said that she gained a lot of experience from Open Source Day which she now wants to spread among other talented women of Pakistan.

She also revealed that the Open Source day will provide the women an opportunity to learn and gain potential to attain their career ambitions.

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