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Gujranwala: Punjab Food Authority Taped up Cooking Oil Factory

Rabia Iqbal Jan 24, 2017
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On Monday, Punjab Food Authority raided a cooking oil factory and disclosed that the factoring was busy in playing with human lives.

The factory used dangerous and anti-health substances in the production of the cooking oil.

The cooking oil production process was also questionable as the raid exposed the discovery of the chicken waste used in manufacturing cooking oil.

Operation Director of Punjab Food Factory, Rafia Hader told that more than 50,000 liters of the cooking oil was seized from the oil factory that was manufactured by using chicken trashes like chicken intestine, fur and other waste.

Rafia Haider said that this oil was being used by many hotels of the city. She said that government will take strick action against this factory.

After the discovery of the health hazards use in manufacturing of the cooking oil the factory was sealed.

The same case was occurred on 29th of December when the Swedish Dairies Production which claimed to be the most reliable one was sealed in Gujranwala.

Swedish Dairies production was found using fungi, insects, and dirt in the making of unbranded milk.

Government should take strict action against these companies that are playing with human lives. These heartless people deserved to be treated strictly and should be punished for these exploitations.

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