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Samsung Exposed Reason- Why Note 7 Exploded

Rabia Iqbal Jan 23, 2017
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Samsung investigated and disclosed the reasons behind breakdown of Note 7.

Samsung said that it took several months to explore and conclude the whys and wherefores of Note 7’s flop.


Investigators and engineers tested about 200,000 fully assembled devices and more than 30,000 batteries to find out the faults.

The researches revealed that the battery designed was larger than the casing of the Note 7 which caused it to overheat and explode.

Samsung mobile company’s chief DJ Koh act contrite to the customers and business partners. According to DJ Koh the main cause of the incident was deflections in the negative electrode.

In the first bunch of batteries revealed the deflection in negative electrode while in second bunch molten copper was found due to the short circuit.

High welding husks on the positive electrode occasioned the diffusion of the insulation tape and separator. This diffusion than resulted in direct interaction between the positive tab with the negative electrode. Insulation tape was missing in many batteries.

The second factor that was found during testing was a rush to release an updated version of the phone.

Samsung Company said that it employed about 700 researchers internally to find out these defects. External testers were also hired for this issue and all of them revealed the same conclusion that the explosion in note 7 was caused due to the following reasons.

  • Potential short circuit
  • Higher battery density
  • Poor welding
  • Missing insulation
  • Sharp edges

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