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Final Year Students of a small campus produced quality IT Projects

Rabia Iqbal Jan 22, 2017
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Have you heard the name of Laar Campus Badin?

 University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin

University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin

Probably most of you have not heard this name because of its less privilege. This campus was established in 2007 as Sindh University Laar College at Badin but was later re-designed as Sindh University Laar Campus. The motivation behind this establishment was to facilitate the dwellers especially the female students of Laar region to get higher education.

The campus has never been given significance like other universities or campuses. But the talent can never be buried starved of its recognition. The Laar campus Badin has cultivated such talented students and made them able to compete the world. The selfless and earnest educators of this campus have developed the true spirits of productiveness.

On 18th January, 2017 Laar Campus Badin organized exhibition of the final year projects of Computer Science. Despite lack of facilities the students of the batch 2k13 made such projects that can suffice the market level if promoted.

The external guests were also invited to visit the exhibition and guide the students for the future.

External examiners included:

Dr. Shahzad Ahmed Memon– Associate Professor at IICT, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Mr Amir Shaikh- CEO, Gexton, Hyderabad.

Mr Zahoor Hussain Shah– PhD Scholar at IICT.

After the evaluation the projects were categorized into three top positions.

Announcing the result Dr. Shahzad Ahmed Memon said that it was quite difficult to select the top three projects as all the project were based on innovative ideas and claimed their significance. He encouraged the efforts of the students and also distributed cash prize among the position holder students

Faculty and Computer Science batch 2k13 of “University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin “

1: Anti-Thief  Smart  Electric Meter

The project that stood first was “Anti-Thief Smart Electric Meter” made by Muhammad Yaqoub, Muhammad Aslam and Abdul Shakoor.

The three group members worked day and night under the supervision of Ms. Fauzia Talpur, lecturer at University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin, and proved that the determination to work procreate to those things that are beyond expectations. These group partners collectively managed the financial expenses for making this outstanding project that grabbed the concentration of the visitors.

Muhammad Yaqoub, Muhammad Aslam and Abdul Shakoor, Ms. Fauzia Talpur

The Anti-Thief Smart Electric Meter is a system that has been made to overcome the problem that everybody is facing today. It’s a big problem that has been found and noticed everywhere, the illegal use of electricity has become a nightmare for those who use electricity legally and pay their bills on time but still have to pay the additional reading amount that has been used illegally by others on their account. To get rid of this trouble a system has been proposed by the name “Anti-Thief Smart Electric Meter” this actually does the work of an inspecting officer of electricity it helps to manage the records of electricity and generates the bills of their monthly usage of electricity .It will work efficiently and fast.

2:  Android Based Motor Bike or Vehicle Security System

The Project that held Second Position was “Android Based Bike or Vehicle Security System”   made by Muhammad Waseem and Adnan Abdullah.

Both the group partners worked enthusiastically and bore the expenses for the completion of this project from their pockets. In spite of lack of resources available they managed to produce a stunning project under the observation of Dr. Azhar Ayaz Pirzado, Lecturer at University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin.

Adnan Abdullah and Muhammad Waseem. 

The objectives of this project are to trace the location of the motor bike or vehicle, start or off the bike remotely and to trace the location of the bike in case if it is stolen with the help of the camera that has been fixed in the bike. The camera will help to trace the location of bike and catch the thief.  To find out the location via camera Android smart phone will be used. A security system is essential for motorist as the number of motorcycle theft increases every year. Various security systems are available in the market with variety of functions, operating modes and features. Most of the systems are expensive which make security system that offers excellent protection to your vehicle using android Application and Hardware circuit is effective one.

3: Finger Based HCI Application

The project that secured Third Position was “Finger Based HCI Application” made by Furqan Talpur and Asad Ali.

Both the group partners worked with programming passion under the supervision of Muhammad Irfan Awan, lecturer at University of Sindh Laar Campus Badin. Furqan Talpur with programming fervor and Asad Ali with a can-do attitude presented a spectacular project that also became the center of attention for the visitors.

Furqan Talpur and Asad Ali.

Introducing this project Mr. Furqan Talpur said:

“I and My Friend Asad Ali made a software as our final year project, Titled as ‘Finger Based HCI Application’, in this software we worked with the Color Coding through HCI(Human and Computer interaction) by using Java technology, our software can read the specific colors from real world by using the camera and can perform the specific tasks like ‘Mouse control’ (Virtual mouse) in addition we worked over the Virtual slider which works on the same techniques it controls the PPT slides through the human Finger Gestures and we also made a HCI based pin ball game which is controlled by the human fingers’ Gestures.”

The students of this small campus own a lot of talent but the hurdle that resists them is lack of resources. If the students will be supported financially for their final year projects they will give their best and prove themselves to be a worthwhile product of Laar Campus Badin.

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