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Increase in Cyber Crimes: WhatsApp Blackmailer Arrested

Rabia Iqbal Jan 21, 2017
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The increase in use of Mobile Phones and Internet has increased the number of crimes in Pakistan.

The blackmailers have made these inventions as a source of getting money by menacing their victims.

A mobile repairman Muhammad Saleem, who worked at Hanzala Communications in Javeria Mobile City, Model Colony Karachi was accused of the blackmailing his victim via WhatsApp.

Muhammad Saleem sent personal objectionable videos by means of WhatsApp to a victim and asked to pay Rs 50,000 otherwise he will upload those offensive videos on a website.

Muhammad Saleem

Fine points of the Case:

A customer Zahid went to the Hanzala communication to repair a mobile phone. After repairing he asked the repairman Muhammad Saleem to sell this phone.

Muhammad Saleem while checking the cell phone found a SD card in it. That SD card contained some personal videos of Zahid’s sister.

Making the most of these videos Muhammad Saleem started blackmailing Zahid for these videos via WhtsApp and demanded Rs 50,000 along with a threat that if he will not be prearranged the claimed amount he would upload those videos on a website.

Zahid agreed to pay the demanded amount along with this he also informed the FIA’s cyber-crime cell about this issue. Cyber-crime cell raided and arrested the alleged after confirmation of the crime.

According to the Electronic Crimes Act 2016 Muhammad Saleem will be charged under section 16, 21 and 24. However the actual details of the punishment have not been disclosed yet.

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