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Bill Gates Treasured PRIME MINISTER NAWAZ SHARIF for the fight against polio

Rabia Iqbal Jan 20, 2017
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Yesterday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with Bill Gates in Davos, Switzerland. Bill gates appreciated government of Pakistan for its struggles in the abolition of Polio from the country.

He encouraged government of Pakistan for its successful campaign for the extinction of Polio virus. He added that Pakistan has achieved success in eradicating polio from the country and Prime Minister has played a leading role in this success.

He further said that the year 2017 will surely be the year of abolition of polio from Pakistan.

Prime Minister updated Bill Gates about the steps taken by the government of Pakistan in the struggle against polio. He said that eradication of polio is the national fight in which the Federal as well as the provisional governments of Pakistan are collectively participating to get a country free from the Polio.

He supplemented that the country is trying its best to get a Polio free Pakistan. To achieve this Pakistan has applied all assets whether they are at state level or provisional.

Bill Gates said that he is planning to visit Pakistan in near-term months.

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