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Google Android App will save your search query that failed to return results due to sporadic internet access

Rabia Iqbal Jan 19, 2017
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Google Android app has been updated by the developers. A new thing that has been introduced is now Google will save your search request that has been fail due to the loss of internet connection.

The search query will be remembered by the Google and its results will be yield when the connection will be constructed back. The Google will work behind the scene to look for the availability of the connection back and will retrieve the results.

In addition to this user can also go through the recent searched pages while waiting for the reestablishment of the internet connection as the Google will recall the available pages for the users to be surfed.

According to the sources Google product manager Shekhar Sharad said that users can feel free to line up the searches, they can put away their phones and carry on their days as the Google will work behind the scene and will return the results when the connection will be established back without draining the user’s cell phone’s battery.

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