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UAE changed the Luck of a Pakistani Truck Driver

Rabia Iqbal Jan 13, 2017
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Ghulam Rasool Sajjad belonging to the Pakistan’s Gujrat district, Punjab has been driving heavy trucks for about two and a half years in Oman and now in UAE.

His driving career in Oman couldn’t prove to be good for him as he was not able to save much there.

He told in an interview that he earned RO150 (Dh1, 500) per month for twelve years, and there was not much change in his situations.

But driving in UAE changed his fortune, instead of driving any company’s truck now he owns a Volvo heavy truck.

Expressing his feelings he told that he couldn’t imagine that he will be owning a truck when he started driving in Oman.

He added that after coming to UAE in 2004, he got his Oman truck driving license converted into a UAE heavy truck driving license.

He also shared that in the UAE by combining all his savings and taking loan from the bank he acquisitioned a truck which charged Dh 100,000. Since then he paid the bank loan in installments and now he has left with no banks dues.

He further said that with his own truck he has earned enough money to build three good houses in Pakistan, get his three daughters married and purchase some property either.

He said that now he is able of sending a handsome amount of money to his family in Pakistan and spending his life in a good way here in UAE. He said that now he has got the time to take rests as well as to go for outing with his friends.

He said that when he first came to the UAE, he had nothing except his driving license of Oman but now he has whatever he wanted. He said that he has built three houses in Pakistan, owns an agricultural land in his property, and can bear the expenditures for his three daughters’ nuptials.

Showing his satisfaction he further said that he works for merely six months in a year and for the rest of the six months he use park his truck in a garage.

He also added that he is optimistic to continue his truck business in Dubai as his driving license is going to be expired in 2024.

The credit for the change in his fortune goes to his hard work.

via KhaleejTimes

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