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Google could play a role in sponsoring e-commerce in Pakistan

Rabia Iqbal Jan 13, 2017
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On Thursday Ann Levin, Google Director for Public Policy and Government Relations for Southeast Asia and Greater China, had a meeting in Islamabad with the Finance Minister of Pakistan, Ishaq Dar.

High-ranking officers of the Finance Division and Google representatives were also present in this meeting.

Google Director for Public Policy and Government Relations, Southeast Asia and Greater China Anne Lavin

Talking about the e-commerce she said that Google could play a role in sponsoring e-commerce in Pakistan. She said that Google could play a great role in the development of Information Technology in Pakistan.

She concede that Google can collaborate in promoting e-commerce in the country. Along with this she also enlighten that in attracting the assets in Pakistan her company will be supporting.

After listening to proposals by Ann Levin, Ishaq Dar asked her that she should succumb the complete scheduling details for putting into practice these tenders that can be over viewed by the related stockholders and can be measured by them.

Showing the assurance of the government to comfy the diversity of investors, he added that the government will be providing a ground where the investors can show their potentials whether the stockholders are natives or foreigners.

Enlightening Pakistan’s economy Ishaq Dar also said that Pakistan has been distinguished by the international institutes as the second best place for the investment around the world.

The improvement in Pakistan’s economy has caught the attention of many stakeholders to invest in the IT areas of Pakistan as well. He further added that commercial activity of the country has also been boosted by the stability of macro economy and upgrading of energy and security state of affairs which has provided a conductive environment to the investors.

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