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Finland- the First country that will cast aside the school subjects

Rabia Iqbal Jan 13, 2017
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Finland’s schooling system, internationally rated among the top 10 schools ever, is going to become the world’s first platform to discard all the school subjects.

The Head of the Education Department considers that teaching school subjects in the institutes was an outdated technique that was effective only in 1900s but the needs of today differ from those of past.

In this latest system the student will not be forced to study those subjects that they don’t want to study rather they will be given the right to choose those topics or phenomenon in which they are interested and are also the relating to their ambitions for the future.

In this way they will not be jumbled that what this subject is going to benefit them? Or why they are studying this subject?

The system will also bring a change in the traditional way of teaching in a class where the student used to sit and keep on listening to the teacher and response when they are asked but now instead of this the students will study in groups and will discuss the teething troubles and search remedies for them.

The reformation of the old schooling system needs the collaboration of the teachers to deal with different subjects.

The new system will not only revolutionize the schooling techniques but will also affect the teachers.

The struggles for introducing the new schooling system has been started and system is anticipated to come into force by 2020.

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