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Around 2 Million Developers to be Hired from India in Google

Kamran Khatti Jan 13, 2017
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Google has announced that they are planning to hire the engineers and developers from India. They will recruit Indian developers to boost their project in this area. Google stands on number 4 in the list of those who hired the highest number of employees from India.

Google Company is planning to create a campus in Hyderabad, said Sunder Pichai, the CEO of the Google company.
The company will be hiring about 4 million Indian by 2018. The company will introduce Android Skills Program in more than 2,000 universities of India which will have the direct effect on the Indian economy.

In Android Skills Programs users will be assessed to know what the level of their proficiency in Android Development is. They will be awarded certificates as a job proposal from the Google. The certificate will be essential for getting the job as well as it will be a mouthpiece verifying one’s skill.

Google is mainly focusing on the fresh graduates from the universities in India to extend the number of Android developers there in India.
This step by Google has been highly appraised by India as it will bring reduction in unemployment.

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