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Facebook’s process of recruiting varied personnel halted

Rabia Iqbal Jan 12, 2017
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Facebook has tried its best to hire a diverse staff, they spent hours a week in enticements bring in female, black and Latino software engineers.

In 2015, Facebook started motivating the recruiters to find those candidates that were not already well signified at the company- female, black and Latino.

But the process couldn’t work well and the reason for its halt was the company’s own hiring rehearses. At the final stage hiring the engineers, the recruiters measured the contestants on old-style parameters just like where they attended the college, where did they work before, either the face book’s current employee gave an undertaking for them or not. The metrics for the recruitment seem to be just a waste of time.


The final decision of the recruiters revealed limited hiring of Asian or white men.

The process of hiring diverse staff radically became scarce for the endowed employees to those who appeared to be like the prevailing staff. So the plan for recruiting diverse personnel couldn’t work as the hiring process became stiff for the minority.

Joelle Emerson, a diversity consultant who assistance tech companies make their hiring wide-ranging, said that when the people waste their a lot of time in interviewing and then talking about where the interviewee has gone to the college, in which company he has worked before or whether he knows anybody in this company or not, seems to be baffling waste of time.

She added that instead of knowing these things the emphasis should be on how the candidate performed throughout the interview process.

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