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Reveling 10th Anniversary of iPhone

Rabia Iqbal Jan 10, 2017
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10 years ago, the first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs. The iPhone brought a revolution in the age band smartphones. Going back 10 years, the smartphones were bulky devices as they couldn’t support the complete sites to be run on them.

This was weakest point for all the companies developing smartphones. But the launching of iPhone modernized that entirely.

The iPhone that we are having today is the result of untiring work for eons,


The company kept on adding the features in the iPhone one after another which revealed the appearance and the topographies of the iPhone we are adoring in the present day.

The iPhone is an essential part of customer’s lives, according to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple company.

The iPhone with its great features and adorable design became the centerpiece and demand of the market soon after its launching.

The first demo of the iPhone by Steve Jobs was enough for compelling us to own an iPhone.


However, the first iPhone was basic slice of the standard iPhones that we are having today but it will not be forgotten that it had updated the smartphones with lots of qualities.

Let us cheer up! Happy 10th Birthday of the iPhone.


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