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We Don’t Need Roti Kapra and Makan We Demand Education Only

Kamran Khatti Jan 09, 2017
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John Dewey Says:
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

8th January is celebrated as “Education Day” in Sindh, people belonging to every school of thought participated in it. The Struggle for the education began in 2007 by Rahmatullah Balal, he raised his voice for education in every plateform. civil society with various NGO’s also played a vital role in speaking up for the awareness of education and today the Sindh is celebrating education day.


The leaders belonging to various sectors played their role in raising their voice up for the Education. The objective of the celebration of this day was to bring awareness about the importance education among the people and to enlighten the glitches and the hurdles that the Education System of Sindh is facing.
The participants of the Rally laid great stress to reform the Education System of Sindh.

Rabia Iqbal:
” We are not going to die of the famine, our death lies in illiteracy”


Key Points of the Educational Year

Organizing the mandatory National Education Conference in March of the fluent year

Expeditions for the appointment of the Educational Volunteers everywhere in the Sindh

Commencement of the Admission campaign for the enrollment around the Sindh

Compelling the Government to solve the problems related to education.


Voice of Sindh

Education is the basic need of every child but due to the lack of awareness, illiteracy and poverty most of the children are deprived of their basic right.

The irresponsible government isn’t paying any attention on this matter that needs to be a center of attention. The government’s disregard has blessed us with those circumstances that our innocent children need to labor to get a morsel of food.

Now, it’s the obligation of the civil society to protest for their educational rights.

The representatives of civil society’s body declare that 8th of January will be celebrated as “Education Day of Sindh” every year.

The poor education system of Sindh needs to be reformed. Sindh also deserves that standard of education should be raised. Modern scientific education is the prerequisite for the progress of country and should be introduced in Sindh’s educational sectors either.

The copy culture should be eradicated, the ghost schools and the ghost teacher should be wiped out and the degenerated educational institutes should be regenerated.

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