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Do you want to know ‘The Mystery behind Less Facebook Leaks’?

Rabia Iqbal Jan 08, 2017
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Have you ever noticed that why the Facebook don’t have more leaks?

In spite of the weekly sessions aired to the thousands of the company’s employees held by Zuckerberg. In these sessions the ideas about the new projects used to be shared with the staff and many other personal and confidential opinions are also discussed there. But still the number of seepage of the Facebook gen is not much. Isn’t it surprising that none of the info leaks out?

The mystery behind this is Zuckerberg’s tactic of dealing with the underlings who leak Facebook information.

                                         Find and Fire

Zuckerberg deals with the employees, who leak information of Facebook, in a simple way that he finds them and fire them from the job.

He uses this techniques for whole the workforce. The betrayer is caught and dismissed from the job.  That’s the reason why the employees fear to leak the company’s info.

In July 2015, the secret messaging Assistant leaked an information of the Facebook in a press. Mark Zuckerberg promised his employees that they will find the leaker and will fire him. Soon, in another meeting he declared that the culprit has been caught and fired. Many of those, who were present, highly praised this action.

Another technique that Zuckerberg applies is making the workforce ashamed of betraying the company as the company is a home for all the employees and it is regarded as impudence if one deceives his own family or leaks the confidences of his own home.

As one of the former employee said that nobody dares to leak something about his own home as you don’t betray your natives.

In the way the info of the Facebook has been secured despite that Each Friday Mark Zuckerberg speaks to the folk for an hour, shares his product strategies for the company and deliberates his personal opinions on challengers.

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