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Laptop with three Display Screens: Razer Project Valerie

Rabia Iqbal Jan 08, 2017
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Razer–The leading company in making gaming peripherals and gaming PCs and Laptops has introduced a new Triple-Display Laptop.

Yes! It has Three Screens.

The Razer’s archetype gaming Laptop called Project Valerie has three folded attractive screens each of these use NVidia G-sync technology which coordinates to provide the higher proportion of the wide display.

Each screen measures a display of 17.3 inches and resolution of 11520 x 2160 each of screen with 4k resolution. 32 GB RAM and vapor chamber cooling tech will be the same as included in the Razer Blade Pro

Both the screens are attached to the either sides of the main screen. The two side screens have glowing stripes inside them which bring a handsome glow on the surface below them.

The laptop has NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with powered keyboard.

According to the Razer, the Project Valerie weighs around 12 pounds with the thickness of 1.5 inches.

Razer claims that notwithstanding the triple display the Valerie’s thickness has not been effected in comparison with an ordinary gaming laptop.

This multi-display laptop will be bought by the number of gamers according to a gaming analyst as now a days it has been common to use more than one monitor for the gaming purpose.

The price of the Valerie Project is not acknowledged yet, as it’s still just a prototype.

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