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US Providing Splendid Public Affairs Section Funding Opportunities

Rabia Iqbal Jan 06, 2017
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US annually promotes its funding opportunities to the Pakistan Public Affairs Section of the US Department between February and June through its Public Diplomacy grant Program.

To get the full details of the this program you can go to the link below to keep getting the updates of the Public Affairs Section (PAS) funding opportunities.

PAS latest opportunities:


You are guided to provide a Username and a Password to login to the following websites and register yourself.

Please Be Careful:

While entering the following websites keep in mind that the Name and Address must be exactly matching as it is case sensitive. Take care of the capitalization, spaces, punctuation and the parenthesis.

1. Getting DUNS number:

To get the DUNS number click here

2. Getting NCAGE registration:

To get NCAGE registration click here

3. Get registered with SAM:

To get registration with SAM click here

Note:  SAM registration must be completed before going to the registration process.

To get details of this process of registration click here

After the registration process is done, don’t forget to visit the www.grants.gov frequently to keep yourself up-to-date about the grant opportunities.

By typing “Pakistan” in the search field you can get the details of the open grant opportunities for Pakistan.

Stay Tuned!

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