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“Gmail was an April fool’s Joke” Sunder Pichai remembering his interviews on Google

Rabia Iqbal Jan 06, 2017
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Sunder Pichai, the CEO of Google, gave an account of his interviews on Google.

He, in an interview at his university IIT-Khagarpur, mentioned about his interviews’ experiences at Google. He told that on 1st April, 2004 when the Gmail was launched, he was perplexed by the question asked by the questioner that what he thinks about the fresh email services.  He further said that the announcement of the Gmail by Google was seem to be a lark, as it was the April fool’s day.

He added that he was asked about the Gmail thrice but he had not get a chance to use the Gmail to have an answer to this question. At last, in his third interview he confessed that he hasn’t seen Gmail yet then the Gmail was shown to him.

This made him able to answer the question regarding Gmail in his fourth interview. He then told his opinions about Gmail and the improvements needed for the Gmail.

Another student questioned Sunder Pichai that can he get the job at Google.

In response Sunder Pichai asked the students to raise their hands who are interested in a job at Google. Most of the students raised up their hands which showed the great interest of the students to work with the Google. Sunder Pichai respond the interest of students by jesting that he should start a campus in Kharagpur.

He also shared his moments spent in this college, the day he was ragged, “Abey Saaley” flash and also exposed the name of his favorite Bollywood actress.

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