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Bil Batori of Ainak Wala Jin found pleading in the thoroughfares

Rabia Iqbal Jan 06, 2017
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Who hasn’t watched “Ainak wala jinn” in his childhood?

This stirring comedy serial taught the generation since 90’s the real way to relish the life and to dream.

The famous negative character of that serial “Bil Batori” was played by Nusrat Ara. The moniker lines of Bil Batori “Bil Batori Nasa Chauri Adhi Mithi Adhi Kauri” remind us the childhood days.

After “Ainak wala jinn” the colours of Bil Batori’s life started fading, the doom showed her the worst side of her life. She struggled hard to face the fate.

Sixty five years old Nurat Ara (Bil Batori) is now a days in Lahore. Compromising with the circumstances, she is living in leasing house in Samanabad Lahore.

The crisis in her life blessed her with the mental disorder and melancholies. She is still struggling to make both ends meet.

She regrettably says about her life that the unexpected turn in her life made her a beggar even for a crumb of the foodstuff. She added that she spent her youth to make the Pakistani people laugh but today, when she is going through the hell there is nobody to wipe her tears.

Three years ago, Nusrat Ara’s life showed her the real perdition when she was left with no choice other than depending on Data Ali Hajveri’s shrine for nourishment.

But she said that she is proud of herself that she did her best to meet the challenges but now she is in such a condition that she can’t even move her body than how will she pay the rent of Rs.10, 000 monthly.

She lamented the poor condition of the government which didn’t took a notice of her even though she worked a lot for the Pakistani entertainment industry. She requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan to provide her the medical support and at least encourage her contribution in the entertainment industry. She said that she demands nothing but a peaceful death.

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