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Motion Module for the SliderOne

Rabia Iqbal Jan 03, 2017
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Edelkrone invented SliderOne in December 2015 that is 23 centimeters long. Now it has been upgraded by making it moveable up to 15 centimeters from side to side. It is a small slider which is easy to carry and is known to be the world’s most portable slider.

The SliderOne is a high quality product which is made up of high quality materials.

The SlideOne’s package contains a card that is actually a user’s guide tutorial of maximum 5 minutes as referred in the video

It also contains a safety lock on the left side that is moved anti-clockwise to release and clockwise to tighten up. In the bottom it has four wheels that move up to the edges. On the right side the friction adjustment can be amend to make the slider move either slow or fast. The camera can be attached on the slider in a fixed position.  On the top it contains a screw, the SliderOne can also be mounted on a tripod stand.  To check the recent image a level has been placed inside the middle rail as you can see in the Review of SliderOne

To conclude SliderOne is easy to carry everywhere you want, it moves up to the short distance giving you the access to the smooth footages, it also helps you to take aerial shots providing a dynamic perspective.

We hope the SliderOne with the motion module will help you to get a step forward.

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