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Fastest-Growing Super Mario Run Will Soon be Available for the Android Users

Rabia Iqbal Jan 03, 2017
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Super Mario Run is a kind of Mario game that can be played with one hand. It was released for the iOS on 15th December, 2016 by Nintendo.

After the release of Super Mario Run for iOS, the Android users have been impatiently waiting for this game to be released for the Android. The wait will soon be over as Nintendo is going to release the “Super Mario Run” for the Android users soon. The release date has not been exposed yet, but it is expected to be revealed soon.

The game became famous as soon as it was launched and appeared on the Google Play Store. However due to its lavishness, it has got only a single star. Despite this, the game is played and liked by most of people and got the positive reviews generally.

In this game, after three levels the users have to pay 10$. Mario will act differently reliant on the timing of taps, the player must tap the touch screen higher to make the Mario jump higher and cross the hindrances. The goal of the player will be attained if he securely gets Mario over the levels by saving it from the rivals in the possible shortest time.

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